Seven simple tips for saving money ahead of summer

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Can you smell it in the air? Daffodils are springing up, the trees are budding, foxes have finally stopped rutting, and all of a sudden it’s not threateningly dark at 4pm any more. It can only be the prettiest of seasons, spring.

But, just because the heating isn’t blasting 24/7 as winter has finally passed, that doesn’t automatically mean the cost of running your home is suddenly going to drop. Instead, try employing these seven simple tips to make saving for summer a bit easier this year.

Hang up your washing
Did you know the average cost of running a tumble dryer, just three times a week is setting you back about £65 a year? So, while we know it’s easy to say: “Hey, hang up your washing”, we also know, it’s the UK. It rains, a lot. So, if you can’t get that washing outside, think about investing in a heated clothes dryer. They cost just 4p an hour to run, and clothes typically take just an hour or two to dry, therefore saving you a significant chunk of hard-earned cash.

Spring clean
The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been truer, and it’s easier than ever to flog your unwanted junk. You can go down one of several routes to do this. Facebook Marketplace and your local selling groups are like an online car boot sale. Unfortunately, haggling comes with it too. Make no mistake, it can be arduous selling via Facebook, but when it works well, it’s a charm.

There are plenty of apps that have really simplified selling your old tat, such as Shpock, Village and good old Gumtree. And don’t forget about faithful eBay, which is ideal if you’d rather have minimal interaction with the folk buying your second-hand wares and you like a bit of assurance when selling.

Reap the rewards of Compare the Market
Did you know, if you make a comparison and purchase a qualifying product through Compare the Market, you’ll instantly be entitled to its two-for-one rewards; just download the app here. These include two-for-one tickets at the movies, and two-for-one starters, mains and desserts at a plethora of local eateries. So, get comparing, save money, download the app, and claim your two-for-ones!

Halve your bath
Having one bath a day, filled approximately half way, costs you an average of £100 a year with a regular gas boiler. However, if your home runs via an electric immersion heater, (are you sitting down?) your once-a-day, half-full bath is costing you an eye-watering average of £340 a year. So, either ditch bathing and opt for showers, or have a low-level bath, which will save those of you using gas about £30 a year, and those of you with an electric immersion tank, about £90.

Money apps
Your phone’s app store isn’t just about crushing candy and surfing social media – there are also some very clever apps that can help you save money, without you even noticing it. Moneybox is a saving and investment app that rounds up your purchases to the nearest pound and invests your chump change into businesses and investments. Chip, of a similar ilk, not only tracks your expenditure, but also learns your spending habits, and siphons off what you can afford into a savings account – clever, right?

Save on showers and more
Whether you’re on a water meter or not, by installing a water-saving shower head (not advisable for people using electric immersion heaters or those with low water pressure), you’ll dramatically reduce the amount of water you’re using, which means using much less energy to heat it. For a small outlay of about £20 for a new shower head, it really can save you money. It’s also worth making sure you’re not overpaying for energy. Those with a Compare the Market account can sign up to its EnergyCheck offering, which enables you to set up notifications to alert you when a better home energy tariff is available. EnergyCheck users can set their notification preferences based on an annual saving, such as £50, £100 or £150.

Teach your children about the joys of saving
Getting kids to grasp how to save money and what they can do with that money, can be a tricky one. But this visual money box shows them that to get the computer game they’re after, they have to fill the box half way. And it can also encourage them to complete household chores, with the reward of one shiny gold £1 coin a time.

To spend less time searching for better energy deals, download the Meerkat app and set up EnergyCheck. Customers of Compare the Market who purchase a qualifying product can also use the app to get two-for-one at restaurants and cinemas for a whole year.

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