High-end home design for the masses

When Jen Bailey, 33, moved in with her boyfriend, she was eager to incorporate both of their ideas when decorating their new Los Angeles home. But they faced a challenge: Bailey’s boyfriend held frequent American football parties, which didn’t exactly mix with her sophisticated tastes. “Having 15 guys over watching football [was our] design issue,” […]

Viewing 50 flats, but no place to live

In 2007, when American Erick Feijóo moved to Berlin for the summer, finding an apartment was a piece of cake. He secured a place to live before arriving in the city. It used to be a sport, or at least part of the culture here, to move around But earlier this year, when Feijóo, now […]

Is Airbnb why you can’t find a house?

For almost three years, I periodically rented out my Amsterdam home to groups of tourists, from families celebrating a 60th birthday to a French champion pole dancer and seven of his friends. My daughters found it frustrating to move out every time but as a freelancer, there were few side gigs that pulled in as […]

The retirees spending life at sea

Retirement has often been synonymous with quietly living out your golden years in a sunny climate. But for a more adventurous breed of retirees, the end of work life opens a door to a more extreme type of sea change. The siren’s call of cabin life is beckoning increasing numbers to traverse the globe via […]

Why young Londoners are living on boats

Many Londoners would be envious of the postcodes Matthew Winters has lived in: the likes of Broadway Market, Angel, Camden, and Little Venice are amongst the city’s most hip and expensive. Many more would covet his electricity bill: £600 ($754) for the next 15 years. How, then, is he only 24 and a resident of […]

How badly do you want to buy a home?

In what many would call an extreme move, when he was 33, Christopher Gerhart took up residence at a nearby prison. “At the time, there was a Bachelor Officers’ Quarters that was on the prison grounds,” says Gerhart, now 50, who lives in Arkansas in the US. “It cost $25 per month for a shared […]