The most persuasive time of day

For Ryan Estis, breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day — it’s also the time for his most productive meetings. Without the alcohol offered at dinner or the bustle and noise of a crowded lunch service, early morning has become the go-to time for meetings for Estis, a leadership coach and speaker, […]

Why are we addicted to our smartphones?

When David Erickson leaves his home in Long Beach, California to spend several days on Panama’s southern coast, he also reluctantly gives up his smartphone. There’s no wireless internet where he’s going, and the phone’s data capabilities don’t work there, so there’ll be no checking social media or emails. He even has to walk to […]

Why are some people always late?

Confession: I am a late person. At least, one in recovery. In fact, I’ve repeatedly, and embarrassingly, missed the deadline for this article. I’d love to pretend this is some journalistic form of ‘method’ acting. It is not. I know I’m not alone. We all know that person: there’s the child minder who is always […]

The reason rich people keep on working

When Keith, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, worked at a technology company that went public, he became rich overnight. He was sure he’d never need to work again. His pay-out from the initial public offering was well into the “tens of millions” of dollars, he says, a life-changing amount. It gave him the type of financial […]

To succeed, tell everyone your failures

Warning: This article contains strong language that may offend some readers. After four months and seven interviews, Adriano Destro got the bad news: he didn’t get his dream job at Facebook. But instead of staying quiet about it, he wrote a LinkedIn post and described the rejection, which came earlier this year, as the best […]

Why open offices are bad for us

Four years ago, Chris Nagele did what many other technology executives have done before — he moved his team into an open concept office. His staff had been exclusively working from home, but he wanted everyone to be together, to bond and collaborate more easily. It quickly became clear, though, that Nagele had made a […]