Low-calorie sweeteners increase fat formation, study finds

people opt for low-calorie sweeteners as a “healthful” alternative to sugar, but a new study suggests that they may not be so beneficial after all. Researchers have found that consuming high amounts of low-calorie sweeteners may promote fat formation, particularly for individuals who are already obese. Researchers say that low-calorie sweeteners – often found in […]

More gray hair linked to higher risk of heart disease

Graying hair and coronary heart disease share some of the same mechanisms that come with aging. A new observational study links the two events, suggesting that gray hair may be an indicator of heart disease. New research suggests that the amount of gray hair may be an indication of heart disease risk in men. In […]

High blood pressure: Sodium may not be the culprit

alt has long been vilified as the harbinger of hypertension. However, as research into the condition has delved deeper, it is becoming clear that the story is more complex. The latest study in this arena goes some way toward absolving sodium. Is salt as bad for our health as we thought? Following a raft of […]

New type of cell that clears waste from the brain discovered

Scientists have found a previously unknown type of cell that clears waste away from the brain. They suggest that their findings will increase our understanding of the brain’s biology and of diseases such as dementia and stroke. Researchers have found a new type of cell that removes waste from around the brain. The researchers – […]

Causes of baldness, gray hair identified

A study of a rare genetic disease may have yielded a cure for hair graying and baldness, after researchers unintentionally discovered the mechanisms that give rise to the conditions. Researchers have pinpointed the mechanisms that promote gray hair and baldness. Study co-author Dr. Lu Le, of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at the […]

Vitamin C can target and kill cancer stem cells

Vitamin C can target and kill cancer stem cells, study shows Cancer is currently one of the top killers worldwide, and the number of cancer cases is only expected to rise. Although there are a number of therapies available, most of them are toxic and cause serious side effects. New research examines the impact of […]